We can identify all the possible hypotheses regarding the missed purchase: they are just ideas, the truth comes by observing and deciphering the data collected by these analysis tools. So here’s a small software investment to optimize the ecommerce shopping cart .
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You put too many fields and requests in the purchase form
to the loss of the sale: you have a too demanding form . You make too many requests, in most cases useless.

And the prospect doesn’t trust, or gets bored. So go elsewhere. A bad shot, right? Each extra field is a potential loss, so you need to streamline and eliminate without overdoing it. Because you don’t even have to remove the essential: only the superfluous, what weighs you down.

Bet on cart pages that are always fast and quick
is vital. And when this happens on an online shop cart, you are losing real revenue. How to solve?

Bet on fast web pages. To achieve this you have to work on different fronts, code and images. For example with good photo compression. But hosting also plays its part: that’s why you have to choose the ideal service for your ecommerce. Any more suggestions? Take a look at the Serverplan offers linked below.

Safety is a necessary point for the trolley
This aspect can be solved with a few essential steps . First you have to show your SSL certificate : today it is unacceptable that an ecommerce does not have this element.

Then show the payment methods with the card icons, ensure more options to pay (including PayPal), remember the name of the courier, leave a list of the guarantees included.

Give the information you need to make decisions
The moment of purchase is always the most delicate one for an ecommerce. That’s why you need to reassure the user. To do this you can opt for a simple and clear cart page. Remember, here aesthetics give way to functionality: no carousels and articulated design games.