How can this step be improved? First by using links that look like buttons, clickable elements with an inviting and recognizable shape. Then there is an even more important aspect: the text you use on this graphic element.

Work on mobile website optimization
To all this is added a factor that you can no longer ignore: mobile optimization. Having a responsive site is the basis, but it’s not enough.

Many purchases are made from mobile, it is not enough to have an effective site on the desktop: every operation on the cart must be simplified with the mobile phone. Have you already tried Google’s mobile test ?

Add a chat to solve problems on the fly
People are always afraid of ending up with an unsuccessful order and a problem to be solved just as they are about to pay. In a physical store all this has no repercussions: the sales clerk is there to solve the drama. But on an online shop?

To improve the e-commerce cart you can enter a chat and allow the user to contact an employee who can give the right answer in the most delicate moment. For example, when the sale fails due to an incorrect payment or a wrong page.

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How to improve the ecommerce cart in your opinion?
These are the steps to streamline checkout and online shopping cart activities. What to do to improve this step? In summary: streamline, reassure, speed up. People hate complex mechanisms. Don’t think based on your experience on the site .

Because you know him well, it all seems easy. But maybe this is not the case for those who arrive today, for the first time, on your website. Do you agree with this perspective? Will you work on a simpler and more intuitive ecommerce shopping cart ? Leave your thoughts and comments below.